Major ERP Trends of 2019 to help you out in your Business

The year 2018 was an amazing year for erp terms related to it like ERP implementation, ERP Software vendors, developers & also for its users. Implementation of erp system streamlined the accounting process of business, reduced cost of company & helped to improve their decision making process. Now ERP software has become a necessity for every type of organization in all types & sizes.

In recent years, demand for ERP software system implementation has increased due to emergence of cloud deployment as well as artificial intelligence. HRMS & CRM has become most favorite enterprise tools for business process. These softwares are also used by online stores. There are few top ERP trends that will help you to make better use of ERP software Solution.

Improved Mobile Accessibility:

In earlier time mobile was not too important. But with invention of smart phones the whole world has become mobile centric. Even business can be accessed & operated by smart phones.

Employees are also able to access their work from mobiles. Developers are giving focus on making mobile supporting erp software. ERP accessibility on mobile phones is the hot topic in year 2019. Both clients as well as vendors are focusing on making erp software for mobile devices.

Importance of Security Measures:

As the technology has become advanced, data security is also a major problem for companies. In 2019, companies & organizations are looking for improved security mechanism for ERP System that is able to protect their data & the same time do not have any effect on usability as well as accessibility. Functionality & speed are equally important for business process.

Uniqueness of Features

In year 2019, special features & functionalities will be major theme for erp system implementation. There are several erp tools in the market but most of them lack special features that a business need. If you are looking for implementation of erp software in 2019, the major thing to be care will be either the selected software meets with business’s requirement or not?

Real-Time Response Capability

In past few years, there is a drastic change in Enterprise Resource Planning architecture. Now the erp system is more reliable and provides real-time responses to give you a clear insight about how your business is performing. New ERP software is more responsive & uses in memory computing as well as analytical processing. It allows users to generate report on the basis of real data. This is the smart feature of new erp system that empowers business with real time insights to generate successful forecasting as well as planning.

Expanding Human Capabilities

For growth of business, the new erp system with intelligent solution provides real time data for business operations. The new feature of erp helps to improve operational efficiencies, sales, and productivity of a business process or an organization. The business intelligence feature of the new software forms the integral part of the system. Thus in year 2019, the new erp tool will make meaningful sense of data & will expand human capabilities.

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